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4th Annual Sustainable Raritan River Conference



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Welcome and Opening Remarks




Citizen Scientists – the value of volunteers and how this data matters




Dam Removal and River Restoration - from stream banks to dam removal: restoring habitat and creating environmental value




Corporate Responsibility - promoting sustainability, remediation and restoring natural resources for community value




Municipal Planning, Sustainable Neighborhoods and Regenerative Design –involving schools, non-profits and environmental commissions to create sustainable communities








Connections and Recreation – engaging our communities, our neighbors and our kids - linkages to recreation, culture, and corporate leadership



Land Management –keeping natives in, keeping deer out - connecting land with water and urban with rural for seamless environmental quality




Regional Economic Growth –Municipal & Economic Leaders Roundtable – attracting investment to the Raritan River Valley




Flooding, Mitigation and Adaptation - weather and hazard management




June 14, 2012


4th Annual Sustainable Raritan River Conference

The Raritan River Region:  Flooding, Regeneration and the Next Generation


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